Splashh Waterfalls ♥

3 Jun

Wonderful time & photo shoot with First Kiss Photography.
Click on the pics to view and for more about First Kiss Photography check out his site here!


To New Beginnings..

2 Jun

So I have pretty much stopped blogging on my blogger site, as many of you may already have noticed.  I have had a lot of new and exciting things going on recently so decided to go ahead and come explore the world of wordpress since I think it will cater to more of what I am wanting to get out of a blog and webpage right now.

With that being said, I am officially closing the ‘Pages of My Diary’ and welcoming you into my world.. The World of JuJu.

It’s still in the beginners stages, so please be patient while i work my magic to bring you something wonderful!

I am also in the process of working on a webpage that hopefully will be up and running soon.  Until then, please be patient & enjoy in the meantime ;]

Chow my Loves!
Ms. Ju